FAQ About Special Aspects of Bowspirit Kids

Why is it worth it to join our campaign?

  • We help sick and traumatised children.
  • If the campaign project is not realised, the generated surplus revenues will be distributed to four non-profit organisations as specified in the articles of association.
  • The articles of association stipulate that none of the funds can be distributed to individual investors or shareholders; no personal gains can be made from the project.

What makes Bowspirit Kids special?

  • Only floating camp for sick and traumatised children that we know of
  • Flexibility and mobility of the camp
  • Worldwide radius of action
  • "Everything on board" - from catering and kitchens to activity rooms ranging from small to large (car deck) through to the accommodations
  • We are completely independent of religious, party-political and ideological influences. Our aim is "straightforward", "consistent" and "goal-focused" on what we consider to be important help for children who have illnesses.
  • To be able to join us on board, it is not the social status of the family that counts, but simply the child's desire to experience a "recreation from illness".

What is special about the campaign of our support company to create "the world's largest floating pinboard"?

  • There has never been such a large floating pinboard before.
  • There has never been such a large mobile pinboard before.
  • Ships are photographed and seen by numerous spectators in the ports every time they enter and sail off. Participation in major events that attract hundreds of thousands to millions of visitors ensures even greater visibility.
  • Hamburger Hafengeburtstag (Hamburg Port anniversary celebration / 1,000,000 visitors), Kieler Woche ("Kiel Week" sailing event and regatta / 3,800,000 visitors), Travemünder Woche ("Travemünde Week" / 1,000,000 visitors), Hanse Sail (1,000,000 visitors), and Sail Bremerhaven (1,200,000 visitors).
  • In contrast to purchasing/constructing a building or property for the camp, investing the generated surplus revenues in the "ship" asset enables the company to continue to earn income in the future, even when the camp is not in session (time bound by school holidays), and thus to generate additional revenues for camp activities in the future.