The Bowspirit Penguin Race

As you all know, our mascot is an emperor penguin named Bowie.
Bowie and his family live in Antarctica near Neumayer-Station III.

For next 25th of April we invited Bowie to Lübeck, because then will be World Penguin Day and we want to celebrate it with him.
But oh dear ... so far the slogan of the Bowspirit Kids "We make penguins fly" has not become reality. So Bowie has to run ... and that's 13,898 kilometres or 13,898,000 metres ...

Our little friend can't do this alone. - So help him and take a part of the way from him!

And that's how it works:
Compete with someone - or even several - in a race of 10 meters - in penguin style!
When? - Right now.
Where? - On the street in front of your house, in the car park around the corner, in the pedestrian zone of your city, at your gym ...

If you like, you can tie your legs at knee level with a belt or a therapeutic strap. But please be especially cautious then, because your balance is completely different when walking. So please don't fall on your beak … uh, your nose.
For all others: just keep your knees stiff and your thighs together.

The winner will nominate at least three other people who will host corresponding races of grown-ups and/or kids within 24 hours.
The losers donate one Euro per meter of the lost race to the Bowspirit Kids and thus help to enable sick and traumatised children a "recreation from illness".

Ask a friend to film your race and post your video e.g. in your Facebook chronicle and share it on our Facebook page for fundraising campaigns.
You don't use social media? Then send us your video and a small text, which we may publish with it, by e-mail.

You find it silly to waddle around like a penguin?
Too bad, but then you should at least send Bowie some "taxi money" ... maybe three times the amount you saved on the race track in Euro?!

You haven't been nominated yet? ... Never mind - just start your own section of the race. Bowie is happy about every meter we take from him.

On your marks - Ready - G O !!!