Bowspirit Kids - Water Is Our Element

Water is our element - in three different senses.
First, the brains behind Bowspirit Kids have a very special connection to water. For us, the ocean is our energy, our battery, so to speak. We can't do without it. We want to share the positive experiences we have had at, on and in the water, especially in times of life crises.

Second, in terms of evolutionary history, all life on our planet comes from the sea. What could be more obvious than to use the sea as a healing power. Our source is the starting point for a brief journey to one's inner self - for our young guests as well - and thus the basis for a powerful "something has happened to me - and that's right!"

Last but not least, life on our planet is simply inconceivable without water. We have long overlooked the importance of the sea. In addition to our primary focus, the Bowspirit Kids Group also offers maritime adventure-based and experiential learning programmes for children and youth to discover and to explore the ocean.